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Mission Statement and Committee Structure

Mission: To preserve and enhance the property values at Augusta Shores by careful review and monitoring of construction activity, including both initial development and subsequent improvements made by owners at Augusta Shores.

The Augusta Shores Owners Association Architectural Committee (ASOA-AC) is unique in that it is the only committee specifically spelled out in the Augusta Shores Declaration. The ASOA-AC is tasked in the Declaration with the approval and monitoring process for any Improvements (as defined in the Declaration) made to a lot after the initial construction of a house has been completed.

In addition, the ASOA-AC has been charged by the Board of Directors with filling the Developer's role with regard to initial improvements - new construction at Augusta Shores. (the Declaration has a "sunset" provision (Sec. 13.05) for the Developer's role, with all rights, powers and authorities devolving to the Association, and the Board has assigned the Developer's role under Section 7 of the Declaration to the ASOA-AC).

Summaries of these roles are below and can be read in full in the Declaration by clicking here or going to the Documents page.

Your Architectural Committee members are:

Bob Roberts (Chair), Lynn Clasen, Denis Raab

Board Sponsor: Brian Lindsey

Building - New Construction

Building at Augusta Shores is subject to certain conditions, restrictions, rules and standards. These can be viewed by clicking the link below. The Architectural Committee is responsible for upholding the standards of building at Augusta Shores and is tasked with maintaining property values at Augusta Shores.

click here to get a copy of the "Rules for Building" at Augusta Shores between: Owner, Builder and the Association

If you wish to build in Augusta Shores, you must contact a member of the Architectural Committee for plan approval BEFORE any site work or construction begins! It's best if you contact us early in the process, before you spend any substantial amount on architects. E-mail the Committee by clicking here.

These conditions, restrictions, rules and standards apply to building a new home on an undeveloped lot.

The initial construction of any Improvements on a Lot and the initial use of any Lot shall be under the exclusive control of the Architectural Committee ("ASOA-AC") until the initial development of such Lot has been completed to the satisfaction of the ASOA-AC as evidenced by issuance of a Certificate of Compliance...

No Improvements shall be initially made to or constructed on any Lot unless and until such plans for such improvements, in such detail as the ASOA-AC may require, have been approved by ASOA-AC, in its sole discretion, as to the proposed use and external design of the Improvements. In addition, all plans and proposed Improvements shall comply with the applicable zoning, building, health or other laws, codes and ordinances and all permits and approvals, if any, required by governmental agencies for such development shall be obtained. No such development shall be commenced except in accordance with such approved plans or a modification thereof similarly. approved. The ASOA-AC may impose such other requirements with respect to the construction of such initial improvement or such other development of such Lot as the ASOA-AC deems appropriate, provided such requirements do not conflict with the provision of this Declaration, applicable zoning and building codes, or any other applicable laws, codes or ordinances. In recognition of me diversity in the size of lots to be developed, and the topography of the lots and surrounding areas, and in order to maintain and control me aesthetic beauty and architectural integrity and character of the overall development of Augusta Shores. the ASOA-AC shall have absolute discretion with respect to the approval or disapproval of proposed house or other structure plans, Including but not limited to, the size of the house or other structure, and the type or style of house or other structure plans. Further, in recognition of the existence of underground springs on the property, all structural foundations must have footer drains.

Due to the numerous springs, wells and steep slopes on the site future building permits must be accompanied by a sealed set of engineered plans that also include the plot plan denoting the location of the house on the lot. The Building Department may, at its discretion, require additional engineering plans for building permits on a lot by lot basis. This may include, but not be limited to a geotechnical survey, a geological engineering report and a soil compaction report. Also. tie wails may be required on a lot by lot basis, and will have to be engineered and submitted for approval to the St. Charles County Building Department.

Building - Improvements

If you are planning to build anything outdoors, including a deck or outbuilding, attached to your house or not, please contact the Architectural Committee.

After a house is built at Augusta Shores, and a Certificate of Compliance has been issued, with respect to a lot or any other portion of the Property, enforcement of the Declaration with respect to control over any change in use or any additions, modifications or alterations to any Improvement on said Lot or other portion of the Property shall be the responsibility of the Association acting through the Architectural Committee. "Improvements" are defined in the Declaration as below:

"Improvements" shall mean and refer to any thing or device (other than trees and shrubbery less than 2 feet high) the placement of which upon the property may affect the appearance or use of the property including, by way of illustration and not of limitation, any building, structure, garage, porch, shed, greenhouse, bath house, coop or cage, covered or uncovered patio, swimming pool, clothes line, radio or television antenna, fence. curbing, paving, wall, trees and shrubbery more than 2 feet in height, signboard or any temporary or permanent living quarters, or any other temporary or permanent thing or structure on the property.


Architectural Committee - Miscellaneous

Solar Panels

click here to get a copy of the "Solar Panel Policy adopted by the Board of Directors July 13, 2013


Minutes of the Architectural Committee Meetings are in the password protected Members Only section of the web site - click here.


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