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Building at Augusta Shores is subject to certain conditions, restrictions rules and standards.

These can be viewed by clicking the link below. 

These apply to building a new home on an undeveloped lot and in some cases, to Improvements on a lot. In February 2014, the Board of Directors approved new Building Rules including a Security Deposit to be made before building begins.

click here to get a copy of the "Rules for Building" at Augusta Shores between:  Owner, Builder and the Association

click here to get a copy of the "Penalties and Fines Rules" that accompany the Building Rules at Augusta Shores

You must contact a member of the Architectural Committee for plan approval if you wish to build in Augusta Shores BEFORE any site work or construction begins!

It's best if you contact us early in the process. E-mail the Committee by clicking here.

To find out more about the Architectural Committee, the process for building, adding on, etc., click here.

click here to get a copy of the "Solar Panel Policy adopted by the Board of Directors July 13, 2013

(updated 04/12/2015)





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