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Committees made up of resident owners are the lifeblood of Augusta Shores. From managing our lakes to keeping us together socially, volunteers of Augusta Shores plan, organize and get out there and get the work done.

Without these volunteers, we would incur huge costs for professional management at Augusta Shores, and we would not have the "personal touch" we have in so many areas.

If you can spare a little time (or a lot) and you want to be involved in your community, please volunteer to help out somewhere...any level of involvement is welcome and needed. Check out the various Committees by clicking on the "Committees" menu, or the links below. Contact the Committee Chairs if you want to help, or any Board Member, either to help, or to name and form a new committee for something not covered by our current groups. (Although these volunteers have done yeoman work, and covered a lot of the community, there are areas that are not specifically covered.)

Thanks from your fellow owners and the Board of Directors.

Architectural Committee (Click here)

Chair: Bob Roberts 

Board Sponsor:  Cyndi Beale

Finance Committee  (Click here)

Chair: Harry Waddington

Board Sponsor: Ken Daming

Grounds Committee (Click here)

Chair: Mark Kaiser

Board Sponsor: Ken Pingel

Health, Safety and Welfare Committee (Click here)

Chairs: Mary Pfenning

Board Sponsor: Tammy Basso


Lakes Committee (Click he re)

Chair: Lowell Pfenning

Board Sponsor: Ken Pingel

Quarry/Storage Committee  (Click here)

Chair: Brian Lindsey

Board Sponsor: Ken Pingel

Recreational Structures Committee (Click here)

Chair: Ron Hamersen

Board Sponsor: Tammy Basso

Roads and Ditches Committee (Click here)

Chair: John Gerber

Board Sponsor: Gregg Goble

Rules Committee  (Click here)

Members: John Gerber, Jill Kertz, Brian Lindsay, Harry Waddington, Ralph Zamora

Board Sponsor: Ken Daming

Social Committee  (Click here)

Chair: Pam Pingel

Board Sponsor: Cyndi Beale

Technology Committee (Click here)

Chair: Joe Williams

Board Sponsor: Gregg Goble

(updated 10/17/2019)

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