Grinder Pumps



Some people have been having issues with grinder pumps lately. 

They are mechanical devices and the manufacturer says that they usually go 8-10 years without service, but that implies that some do better than others.

The Board has authorized the purchase of a second spare grinder pump and is working on service and warranty issues involving the manufacturer, the servicer and Duckett Creek.

Here is some general information on grinder pumps:

Here is contact information for the servicer:


FLO Systems

905 Cherry Ln

Troy, IL.  62294-3151

24 HOUR SERVICE: 618-444-2041

Office Hours: Ph.  618-667-7890   There are additional phone numbers on their web site.


IF you are having problems with your grinder pump (your alarm is going off):

1. Check with your neighbors - if their pumps are also going off, it is probably a problem with the sewer line - call Duckett Creek Sewer District at 636-447-4944 or 314-729-4214 for 24-hour emergency service. Call Duckett Creek if you are not sure if what is wrong.

2. Duckett Creek will end up telling you if you have a problem on your property - if your grinder pump has gone out and the light and alarm are on, reset the alarm and wait one hour (see the User Info above). If the alarm goes off after an hour, call Flo-Systems at the numbers above or on their web site. They should tell you when the will be here, and they are usually very quick - nights, weekendsand holidays. They will put in a spare pump of theirs, take yours back to the shop and call you with an estimate. When repaired, they will replace your unit and take back their spare.

3. In the possible rare instance that Flo-Systems cannot make it to your house, the Association has a spare pump for emergency use (only!) available if you absolutely need a pump on a night, weekend or holiday. Contact a Board Member and someone should be able to walk you through the procedure if you need an emergency replacement.  Flo-systems should return the spare when they replace it with theirs.


If you have been having issues with your grinder pump, and have not talked to a Board member about it, please e-mail one of them so they can get all the information.

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