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The purpose of this committee will be to monitor and oversee maintenance of Augusta Shores Owners Association common grounds landscaped areas.  In addition to the mowed common ground , there are currently nine specific landscaped areas throughout our community that are maintained under contract with Town & Country Nursery:

  • Front Entrance (around Augusta Shores sign)

  • Shrubs around Utility Boxes at front gate

  • Front Meadow

  • Large Evergreen trees in Front Meadow

  • Berg House

  • Pool

  • Lake Signs

  • Corner of Kingfisher & Augusta Shores Drive

  • Back Gate Area

  • Hickory Lake Boat Parking area by the dam

  • Quarry Entrance

The Landscaping Committee will monitor these areas and work with Town & Country to keep them maintained. The Landscaping Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for maintenance.  Some other areas, such as the Old Cemetery, will only require maintenance a couple of times each year, and this may be accomplished on our Spring and Fall community workdays.  Other areas may need more attention to keep our community looking nice.  

The Landscaping Committee will also identify areas that need new landscaping.  For example, in FY2015-16, we will be adding rock to the mulched area by the Quarry Entrance. This will make it easier and less expensive to maintain while enhancing the appearance of the area. These will be projects to be completed as money is available. The committee’s goal for any new landscaped areas will be low maintenance!  Any areas where we add landscaping should be as maintenance free as possible.  We generally don't have time to water and pamper plants, so we'll plant native or hardy plants.

The committee will prepare an annual budget estimate for landscaping changes and additions and submit it to the ASOA Board of Directors.

Current Members:

Tammy Basso call 8-4729 or e-mail at Tammy Basso

Amy Gerber call 2-4870 or e-mail at Amy Gerber

Board Sponsor

Sue Haverstick e-mail  at Ellis Hough

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