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The Quarry Committee is assigned the responsibility for planning, organizing and providing oversight for the care and maintenance of the common ground Quarry in Augusta Shores.  The tasks include, but are not limited to:

  •  Inspect and organize efforts to maintain the Quarry.  Notify the Rules Committee of any of the Quarry Rules violations.

  • Work with the Roads and Ditches Committee to arrange for clearing outfall of rock and rip rap.

  • Help arrange and/or make “space” assignments for Lot Owner property stored in the Quarry.

  • Provide oversight of other Quarry activities as needed.

  • Prepare an annual budget request and submit it to the ASOA Board of Directors .

The Board of Directors will make all final decisions regarding any contracts required to perform the work recommended by the committee.

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Board Sponsor:

Devin Lause e-mail: Brian Lindsey

Link to Quarry Storage Rules as passed by the board of Directors: Quarry Storage Rules

No Dumping or Unauthorized Storage is Allowed in the Quarry

Reminder to all residents:  Dumping is NOT allowed in the ASOA Quarry.  See Quarry Storage Rules, last updated November 8, 2014.

ALL storage items such as boats and trailers MUST BE clearly marked with the owner’s Lot Number.  All other items will be hauled away as junk (which costs ASOA money).  The ASOA has the right to assign spaces for items to be stored in the quarry.  If you have any questions, please contact Steve Griesenauer or another member of the committee.

(updated 09/25/2016)

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