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Mission: To manage the aesthetic beauty and health of each of the four lakes within our community, including, but not limited to management of the water, dams, spillways, shoreline, boat ramp, boat storage, docks, fish management and lake activities. Conditions and appearance of the lakes is a direct contributor to positive property values.

To support efforts for the various projects needed to maintain our lakes, the committee will prepare an annual budget request and submit it to the ASOA Board of Directors before the July ASOA Board Meeting each year. Various tasks and responsibilities are detailed below.

The Lakes Committee is a large effort, with large responsibilities, but has the cheerful side of improving fishing and organizing community fishing events.

The chair of the Lakes Committee members is Guy Middleton. The Board Sponsor is Ken Daming.

I. Water

A. Test for nutrient and chemical content and offer suggestions to correct problems. 

     1. Annually test Hickory Lake & Cedar Lake by obtaining a water sample in early June from a location in the center of each lake and sending it to the University of Missouri extension for testing. Cost is approximately $110 to test both samples. Send to: Jan Brown, University of Missouri Extension, 260 Brown Road, St. Peters MO 63376,, 636-970-3000.

B. Weed and Algae control. Purchase and application of needed chemicals & herbicides

     1. An account has been established with Van Diest Supply in Marshall, MO for the purchase of chemicals. Chemicals will be purchased in bulk and stored in the basement of Berg House.

     2. Manage the application of algaecides and herbicides for all lakes. The lake committee will keep records of each application by recording the date, time & quantities applied. The committee chairman will be responsible for maintaining these records. 

C. Water level control. Manage pumps for Berg Pond and Chardonnay. 

     1. Pump installation and control will be handled by the Lake Committee.

     2. Berg Pond Recommendation: Pump will be turned on when water reaches a level of 8" below spillway and will be turned off when the water rises to a level of 3" below spillway.

     3. Chardonnay Lake Recommendation: Pump will be installed on spring work day. It will be turned on when the water level reaches a level of 12" below the spillway and will remain on until the water level reaches a level of 3" from top of the spillway. This recommendation does not apply if the water level on Hickory Lake reaches a level that is 12" below the spillway. We will remove the pump on fall work day and will store it in the storage container.

II. Dams & Spillways

A. Maintain integrity of dams by keeping them clear of weeds, trees and burrowing animals.

    1. Semi-annually inspect dams and make plans for the removal of any trees during fall work day.

    2. Weeds will be added to schedule for monthly weed spraying.

B. Keep spillways clear and free of debris and watch for leaks.

    1. Semi-annually inspect and take necessary action to clear debris or repair leaks if needed.

C. Keep the emergency over flow clear of any debris and weeds.

    1. Semi-annually inspect and remove any debris.

    2. Add to monthly weed spraying schedule.

D. Review 10 year inspection plan.

E. The area below the Hickory Lake Dam is not included in Lakes Committee responsibilities.

III. Shorelines

A. Prevent silt from entering lake either from new construction or natural water shed.

    1. Watch areas of new construction to make sure silt fences are working and report any violation to Rules Committee.

    2. Study feasibility of building a retention pool at inflow to Hickory Lake. Coordinate with Roads & Ditches Committee.

B. Remove trees along shoreline.

    1. Lot owners should be responsible for trees on their own property and the lake committee will report any situation to the Rules Committee that could cause injury.

    2. Lake Committee will remove trees from common grounds that could be considered dangerous or will drop trees that could be used to promote fish habitat. Maintain integrity of dams by keeping them clear of weeds, trees and burrowing animals.

IV. Boat Ramp, Storage & Docks

A. Maintain boat ramp for easy access to lake.

    1. Inspect monthly during summer months and add rock when needed.

B. Maintain Hickory Lake boat storage area.

    1. Inspect monthly during summer months and add rock or remove weeds when needed.

C. Maintain docks to keep in safe condition

    1. Inspect monthly during summer months and repair when needed.  

D. Boat identification/winter storage rules

    1. Notify Rules Committee of any violations.

E. Gravel approaches to any lake that were installed for use by fire trucks are not included in Lakes Committee responsibilities.

V. Fish Management 

A. Build fish habitat and create estuaries for smaller fish.

    1. Funds included in yearly budgets beginning in 2011 and will be used by Lakes Committee as necessary.

B. Monitor food chain and purchase minnows/crawdads/blue gill if needed.

    1. Funds included in yearly budgets beginning in 2012 and will be used by Lakes Committee as necessary.

C. Fish Harvest. Track quantity taken and establish guidelines for catch and release.

    1. Fishing rules and regulations will be kept on Augusta Shores web site.

    2. The web site has a feature to track number of fish caught and the Lakes Committee will appoint someone to keep track of the responses.

VI. Coordinate Community Activities

A. Kid's Fishing Derby (Spring)

    1. To be held on or about the Saturday following Association picnic. Will coordinate with the Social Committee to best use left over supplies and will try to keep this a free event by soliciting sponsors and asking the board for a small financial contribution.

B. Adult Fishing Derby (Fall)

    1. To be held on or about the first Saturday of October. Will coordinate with Social Committee to use left over supplies. We will charge an entrance fee for this event to fund all prizes.

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