Augusta Shores Recreational Structures Committee

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Mission Statement and Committee Structure

Mission: The Recreational Structures Committee is assigned the responsibility for planning, organizing and providing oversight for the care and maintenance of the recreational structures within Augusta Shores.  These structures are: Berg House, Swimming Pool, Pavilion and the Tennis Courts and the connecting sidewalks. Proper care of the recreational structures enhances the appearance and property values of Augusta Shores and good maintenance practices keep down the cost of future expenditures for repair.

The Recreational Structures Committee is:  Ron Hamersen (chair), Bill Forbes, Doug Paule, Sandi Whitworth, Susan Zamora and Cathy Williams; Board Sponsor: Ken Pingel

Duties and Responsibilities

The tasks of the Recreational Structures Committe include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspect the Berg House regularly, change furnace filter and add propane to tank as necessary and organize efforts clean and do minor repairs. Bid and manage major repair efforts
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