Augusta Shores Roads and Ditches Committee

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Mission Statement and Committee Structure

Mission: The Roads & Ditches Committee is assigned the responsibility for planning, organizing and providing oversight for the care and maintenance of all common ground roads and ditches within Augusta Shores.  Proper care of the roads and ditches enhances the appearance and property values of Augusta Shores and good maintenance practices keep down the cost of future expenditures for repair and resurfacing.

The Roads and Ditches Committee is:  John Gerber (chair); Board Sponsor: Ken Pingel;


Duties and Responsibilities

The tasks of the Roads and Ditches Committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspect and organize efforts to fill road cracks and repair pot holes and edge of road areas.
  • Arrange for ditches to be cleared of Winter outfall of rock and rip rap.
  • Arrange for community owned under-the-road and ditch culverts to be kept clear of mud and debris.
  • Inspect and arrange for repair and reseal community-owned stone headwalls.
  • Inspect and arrange for repair of gravel roads - to boat ramp and quarry  storage.
  • Inspect and arrange for maintenance and repair of gates.
  • Participate with the ASOA Board of Directors in planning and contracting for any capital repairs, rebuilding and/or resealing efforts.
  • Prepare an annual budget request and submit it to the ASOA Board of Directors before the Annual ASOA Meeting of Owners each year.  

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